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Most psychiatric medicines are useless (Zyprexa etc) and in practice one should avoid using such drugs and look for alternative solutions. The drugs are often close to placebo  and (withdrawal of) medicines can cause psychosis, anxiety and panic (supersensitivity psychosis) and other problems unrelated to the original condition of the patient. Almost all psychiatric drugs (neuroleptics, adhd, depression, anxiety..) are useless and are not going to make people more intelligent, powerful and capable.

Psychiatric destruction is not limited to insane people. They actively and ruthlessly destroy normal hard-working people if they can through fabricated diagnoses and by starting involuntary treatments which stop them to go to their jobs. Additionally, there is typically zero attempt to actually help the individual, even when it would cost much less money.

Psychosis can be treated without restraint methods (Soteria/Loren Mosher).

Danish Study Finds Better 10-year Outcomes in Patients Off Antipsychotics

Advance directive against psychiatric treatments (Berlin, Germany)

Norway Health Ministry Orders Medication-Free Treatment

Peter Breggin. Your Drug Maybe Your Problem book. Peter Gotzsche. Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial book. James Davies. Cracked: Why Psychiatry is Doing More Harm Than Good book.

Joanna Moncrieff podcast

Psychiatrists often believe in damaging side-effects of their drugs (punishment through drugs) and for example psychosis and schizophrenia can mean just that psychiatrist do not like (behaviour of) patient although he is completely calm, stable and rational. And after often a very shady diagnosis all subsequent deviation from normal behaviour is then intepreted as the symptom of the underlying disease although such behaviours are common in general population. Also, while some patients are troubled they are intepreted as medical problems allowing forced treatments. So instead of being private consultants that help customers to cope with his situation (a disease?) and help him to reach his goals, nervous system is disabled using drugs. They often engage in fraudulent business practices, want to write sick leaves, treat people against their will and prescribe stupid drugs instead of genuinely improving their customers. No other profession is so arrogant that they declare their customer to be “mentally-ill” which is often an excuse to provide substandard service and damage their patient. [in other fields you can at least sue them but in medicine “mental illness” is a proper diagnosis and a treatment making it much more difficult to work against].

  1. bonus system: amount of money public healthcare psychiatrists make should be largely based on the increased profitability of the patients (so psychiatrists should get, for example, 5% of the extra income patient makes year after  treatments): this should then cause them to do something useful and actually reduce overall mental health costs
  2. I had to visit many private doctors until there was one who was helpful (specialized in nootropics). “Those (antipsychotics etc) are just toxic drugs. When you can start withdrawal?”
  3. less than 1% of population has schizophrenia with real psychotic symptoms, for the sake of extremely small minority, they want to be able to treat people against their will and terrorize the whole population
  4. do not want to help people even when it would cost much less money (they use millions and millions developing stupid drugs that are often completely useless)
  5. want to claim their patients have “mental health problem” instead of directly improving efficiency in society (less poverty etc)
  6. their current ideology talks about chemical/receptor imbalances in brain although it is likely that there are not initially significant receptor/chemical imbalances in patients’ brain

The mental health field is quitened human rights issue in Western world which likes to criticize situation in Russia, Iran and China etc. Diagnoses and treatments are arbitrary (almost anyone who goes to talk to psychiatrists gets diagnosis and drugs), are based on personal opinion and not science which leads to constant mistreatments, misdiagnosis, misuses and causes psychiatrists to live in their own imaginative world. Although he has done no crime, people’s lifes are destroyed, their rights are taken away and sometimes people are even killed.

Mood altering drugs:

  • vacation to relax and restore instead of sick leave (time)
  • food (taste) [berries etc]
  • scents: lavender, jasmine, wild roses, lemon oil..
  • massage
  • exercise (endorphins)
  • (alcohol)
  • caffeine (may upregulate GABA)
  • avoid real street drugs as they are dangerous (amphetamines, cocaine, cannabis etc)
  • doping instead of antidepressants (muscles and maybe brain too): genedoping, anabolic stereoids etc.
  • never use SSRI, SSRI is not a proper medicine, it causes thinking problems and other side-effects, can lead to suicide or death and should be stopped as soon as possible
  • never ECT as it is deadly

If you need to use antipsychotics, maybe use low-dose Zyprexa or Seroquel (for sleep) as it is maybe the safest drug. (NOTE: Seroquel can have difficult insomnia when discontinued thought)

Improve brain function:

Neuroleptic medications like Zyprexa also cause significant brain shrinkage [astrocytes and other brain support cells] within a year or two (10-20% brain shrinkage): Effect of chronic antipsychotic exposure on astrocyte and oligodendrocyte numbers in macaque monkeys (also read this). Additionally, benzodiapines damage GABA receptors after which improving glutamate/GABA balance/functioning is important. Psychiatrists actively downplay the harmful effects of their drugs often claiming them to be symptom of the disease.

  • placebo (conditions that are treated are not life-threatening and resolve by itself given enough time) (less is more)
  • dancing
  • stimulation instead of drug based manipulation of the brain
    • talking/friends/psychologists: instead of drugs
    • aerobic exercise (running), playing instruments can help too
  • meditation, yoga can increase GABA up to 30%
  • jujube fruit
  • blueberries [upregulate BDNF, NGF, CNTF etc without damaging the brain]
  • silica
  • BCAA for traumatic brain injury?
  • fish oil (DHA+EPA) is good for the brain
  • nogo A downregulation/inhibition is good for brain repair/improving brain (but excessive E vitamin has side-effects?)
  • some advanced benzo or alcohol withdrawal methods and epilepsy treatments to improve GABA functioning might actually work
  • nootropics [but most of the supplements they sell as nootropics are just total scams [the drugs they push to people are not very good but the supplement industry is even worse – but there are few exceptions]]
  • maslinic acid (olive pomace oil) upregulates EAAT2 and reduces nervous system overactivity


Long-term use of neuroleptics can cause cognitive problems (5-10+ years) and sleep (insomnia) related side-effects. After using medications too long or using strong (older) medications people often become lethargic and inactive.


Long-term use of psychiatric drugs (neuroleptics) does not often make sense. They cause neurodegenerative conditions and withdrawal can become more difficult process. Although in many cases withdrawal of modern neuroleptics is easy (just stop it or withdraw in few months), in practice quick withdrawal easily results to withdrawal psychosis even when patient originally had no psychosis (it’s like quitting smoking for some it can be difficult after long-term use).

  • insomnia and poor sleep quality: insomnia WITHOUT getting tired is bad [insomnia so that you get tired is “ok”] – poor sleep can cause other health problems
  • temporal withdrawal psychosis [just wait and maybe it goes away]
  • temporal activation of the disease the drugs were blocking (temporal brain shrinkage)
  • blood levels of the drug disappear from blood according to the half-life of the drug (rather fast), the drug from brain flush out in something like 2-4 weeks and the total reset might happen in 2-6 months or something (according to one study most psychiatric problems related to withdrawal happen typically within the first 3 months after discontinuation). Also read this about brain volume recoveries:
  • because it is possible to go into psychosis or have extreme emotional reactions after withdrawal it is good idea to get as far away as possible from hospitals so that you cannot get hospitalized which mean more drugs – in my experience patients eventually stabilize after withdrawal and redrugging them is incorrect (the whole system where psychiatric patients are drugged in hospitals just makes things worse, the drugs just cause more psychiatric conditions especially when withdrawal is attempted and patients become permanently ill)

Some supplements or medications might be helpful:

  • completely avoiding supplements or additional treatments – you just have to suffer through the withdrawal
  • mild exercise
  • maximize sleep quality
  • money and support for 2-6 months

The people in developing countries are doing better in 10-year long studies (by World Health Organization) so the mental health system in developed countries does not function very well.

Hopper K, Wanderling J. Revisiting the developed versus developing country distinction in course and outcome in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin 26 (4). PMID 11087016