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Medications for sleep..

December 8, 2012

Use sedatives (easily addictive and dead-ends but are reasonably safe for short-term use):

  • placebo [no side-effects]
  • cherries (melatonin) [5kg of cherries contain only 1mg of melatonin and but it has been said that low doses may have effect]
  • lavender or jasmine scent (?)
  • ambien/stillnoct or sonata or other short-acting sleeping pills
  • glycine (?)
  • seroquel (seroquel is easy overkill but works). Use beyond few months may NOT make sense.
  • AVOID ciscordinol etc. (strong drugs but may work if nothing else will)

Or use non-drug based methods:

  • yawning, self-relaxation, hypnosis, meditation and breathing techniques may help
  • improving sleep hygiene and sleeping place (fresh air, cool room)
  • use sleep clinics and good doctors
  • physical exercise before going to bed
  • psychologists
  • measure sleep quality and deepness of sleep using home devices (there are consumer/home devices that measure your sleep quality when you sleep). Zeo Sleep Manager for example.
  • avoid stimulants (caffeine) or stimulus just before going to sleep

Medications that stimulate nervous system may upregulate inhibitory receptors: caffeine and flumazenil.

Something to avoid:

  • NEVER: zyprexa is not very good for insomnia
  • NEVER EVER: abilify
  • AVOID: sinequan
  • NEVER: SSRIs are just dangerous
  • NEVER: risperdal
  • AVOID: oxepam, diapam, tenox, rivatril, xanor.. and other strong benzodiazepines [afaik these should be only used short term in a hospital settings or something]

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