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Local copy of Zyprexa documents

December 9, 2012

Interesting documents about Zyprexa side-effects (also related – partially – to use of other atypical neuroleptic (5-HT2A blockers)  drugs). But in practice Zyprexa is a “safe” placebo drug (very little life-threatening side-effects).

Olanzapine general information (7-ZY397116)

Olanzapine in Human Plasma (8-ZY621218)

Zyprexa Adverse Side-effects

Zyprexa Adverse Side-effects 2

Metabolic abnormalities caused by antipsychotic drugs

These documents are originally from  site and elsewhere.

Possible rare side-effects listed in these documents (in healthy test individuals):

  • psoriasis, gingivitis (inflammatory/autoimmune problems) [h1 histamine, 5-ht2a serotonin receptors]
  • dyspepsia (excess stomach acidity?) [m1 receptors, histamine receptors, 5-HT2A are immune suppressants]
  • pneumonia (autoimmune related)
  • pancreatitis (autoimmune, guts related)
  • high blood sugar (m3 receptor blockade and histaminergic high-insulin?) [also serotonin 5-HT2A receptors and histamine blocking and adiponectin], weight gain (metabolic/respitatory) acidosis
  • postural hypotension and high standing bpm leading to heart attack

For more documents, go here:

ZyprexaKills.tar.gz (269.1 MB)


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