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Examples of withdrawal..

June 19, 2013


  1. Seroquel IR 400mg/night
  2. Seroquel IR 200mg/night (one month)
  3. Seroquel IR 200mg to 0mg/night gradually within 1 month
  4. Seroqule IR 0mg/night for one month [very difficult to handle insomnia feeling like crap and unable to function, sleeping only 4 hours per night or so]: BCAA, melatonin, omega3, relaxation, listening 4hz binaural beats, tens-acupuncture stimulation, monitor blood pressure..
  5. Seroque IR 0mg/night: after one month sleeping seems to normalize (temporarily?) to 8 hours per night


  1. Zyprexa 5mg/night (one month)
  2. Zyprexa 0mg/night (6 weeks), using relora or something for sleep, berberine during days
  3. After 6 weeks severe anxiety and overactivity, blood sugar levels normalized (from berberine),

People often crash or fail after 1-3 months of medication change/discontinuation. Do not try to medicate side-effects but suffer – people can sleep very badly for 4 hours per day for a month and situation can still become better later. Medications like sleeping pills often cause more problems later. Avoid all medications and hope that time heals all the wounds. Have 1-2 months of free time after discontinuation of the medication. Using extra medications to alleviate the problem is often mistake.

Near cold turkey is often rather good idea. Improve sleep quality as much as possible.


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