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Why abilify is BAD medicine (Abilify kills!)..

August 24, 2014

Abilify can mess your head quite dangerously.


  • (they say and want? that) abilify kills you
  • withdrawal from abilify can give you serious delusions or other hallucinations and other problems..
  • fortunately, most of the time you hopefully see that they do not make very much sense..
  • abilify may cause insomnia
  • abilify can cause cognitive side-effects (thinking problems)

Use seroquel ir (non-prolong once daily or for the night) instead if you need to use antipsychotics, it should be easier to discontinue (just stop it or taper to zero in one week).

Abilify can drive you crazy regardless your initial status. AVOID abilify at all costs withdrawal can be a difficult process (even impossible?).

With Abilify going up and down with the medication can be very bad. Basically one should use the higher doses and then just stop from high doses and avoid all abilify pills (just don’t have access to abilify). And use seroquel for insomnia after 2 months (withdrawal effects can kick in) when there might be insomnia etc side-effects.

NEVER USE ABILIFY INJECTION! Abilify injection causes cognitive and thinking problems.


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