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Suggestion to Decision Makers

August 15, 2016

In Western countries, I feel psychiatric medical model of treatment can be failure for many patients. It does not help them to succeed, fulfill their goals and be productive members of society.

It would be very good idea to try different approaches that do not involve drugging at all or other normal approaches of psychiatry. This could be tested and tried in randomly selected psychiatric units not treating the most difficult cases.

My guess is that, because in some cases there are nothing wrong in the brain’s machinery, savings of this different approach could be great.

Another important factor is that doctors should be able to prove  that somebody is mentally ill like in criminal cases and not another way around where “patient” is in a very difficult situation.

The sad fact is that currently “modern” psychiatry is medieval, outdated and too destructive practice that can cause more harm than good and do not use the resources it has been given correctly/optimally and requires significant strengthening.



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