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Why psychiatric medications don’t work

May 31, 2017

Psychiatric medications are too primitive methods trying to alter brain function and their use is not based on medicine, hard science or measurements but on the opinion of psychiatrists (and when they make measurements they often misinteprete them on purpose in order to maintain their absolute power).

  1. Research has shown that when receptor blockers like neuroleptics are used, this causes brain to quickly adapt to the situation by upregulating the number of blocked receptors. This means that long-term effect of drugs are often greatly reduced or close to placebo + there are side-effects. Furthermore, after withdrawal of, for example, D2-receptor blockers there is now significantly more D2-receptors in the brain meaning that the brain is now (temporally) diseased.
  2. Medications are static interventions that cannot adapt to what is happening in the brain which constantly adapts and reacts to any intervention. This means useful manipulations should constantly measure what is happening in the brain and change brain (audiovisual) stimulation accordingly. Additionally, the stimulation should be at the higher level than biochemical receptors to produce localized useful effects. For example, when somebody tells you something important or interesting you remember it for a long time and you have caused lasting effect on the brain. Only higher level mechanism involved in the use of psychiatric drugs is that patient often feel punished and this leads to changes in behavior.
  3. Psychiatric medical interventions, which block the whole receptor systems of the brain, are blunt tools that cause significant side effects like brain size reductions. And while use of medical stimulants can in theory used to downregulate receptor systems they often cause significant damage and cannot used locally. But attempting to fix something by manipulating biochemical receptors is often foolish. Its like trying to fix traffic jams by changing fuel type or trying to fix software error by updating computer hardware.
  4. Psychiatric drugs are used without medical measurements to symptom categories that vary so widely that there cannot be no single underlying cause for the problems. It is completely speculative that, for example, people labelled to have “schizophrenia” would have anything wrong in their dopaminergic system or that there would be any kind of underlying brain abnormality to be corrected medically.
  5. They want to treat  chemical/bioreceptor imbalances in brain although most persons measured to have chemical/bioreceptor imbalances are healthy and not insane
  6. Research has shown that those patients that received no psychiatric drugs were later more healthy (less symptoms) and more often worked normally than those that received psychiatric drug treatments.
  7. Psychiatrists (luckily) do not want to do their work properly. Many people finally discontinue their drugs and continue live as before or use drugs for a long time. Instead of developing and using advanced brainwashing methods to change behaviour, they use pseudoscientific, inefficient and damaging treatments that do not lead to results.

While some psychiatric medications can cause (often unpredictable) changes to mood and behaviour, governments and doctors should not be allowed to control behaviour of individuals against their will as long as they obey laws (therapeutic state & social control).


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