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What to do if you have thinking problems?

June 1, 2017

Long-term neuroleptics use damage brain centers related to planning and memory. Withdrawal and strong drugs can also cause direct concentration problems.

The key is to withdraw the drugs and avoid further treatments as extra drugs typically just make the situation worse. Brain has tremendous ability to heal.

In my experience, the following methods has been most useful:

  • dancing and having mental visualizations related to music helped my situation after discontinuing perphenazine
  • running is helpful
  • my concentration were improved by listening certain binaural beats (pure alpha, high-quality headphones) once but not later when I had more significant brain damage
  • mental exercises, mental visualizations etc may help too
  • playing piano (just playing the keys or some rhytm, it doesn’t have to be very musical), you can play different rhytms by using hands or pen only

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