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How they lie about effects of medications..

June 2, 2017

There is lots of lies about medications on internet and otherwise. Even doctors lie about medications, treat their customers like a children and want to artificially limit access to to the most useful medications.

In diabetes, one obvious example is insulin which they officially still claim to not lead to death. And now there are newer drugs like Victoza which increases insulin secretion when blood glucose levels increase, which seem to be yet another dead-end (thought I’m not 100% sure about this as high-quality information is very difficult to get as the effects of drugs are not properly documented when compared to other products you can buy). Some sites even claim wrongly it increases insulin sensitivity and discussion forums are full of liers trying to scam people to use bad drugs.  Anyway, it is not a wonder drug curing diabetes they claim it to be and its mechanism of action is not very good (increases insulin levels). Wikipedia is often somewhat more trustworthy as are academic publications which have to go through peer-review meaning they cannot lie so easily in articles. (thought psychiatric academic papers are quite often untrustworthy, there are conflicting results in medical papers, and you have to have experience when reading the articles – for example many studies do not properly document what happens after discontinuation of treatment, do the treatment genuinely improve situation or is it dead-end).

And while talking about drugs it is interesting that they develop so many drugs that do not work very well and do not actively develop methods like blood manipulation techniques together with sophisticated computer prediction models that solve optimum control of blood parameters that steers body back on the right track restoring its healthy function (differential equation models so that you also stimulate what happens after the end of treatment). While very complicated (there are lots of different chemicals in the blood that must be controlled), this could be done in hospitals and should be able to remedy diseases like diabetes).


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