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Should you go to see doctor if you are “diseased”?

June 2, 2017

They tell/show people to go to hospitals if they are diseased. And while in life-threatening situations this is correct, things are not always so simple.

When doctor makes a diagnosis, you are officially labelled as diseased which is then authorization for doctors to also kill you. Public healthcare costs are increasing too rapidly and this means some people will have to die.

Therefore it is important to try to study effects of medications you are prescribed before starting to use them (many doctors just prescribe drugs without explaining what their drugs do). Unfortunately, this can be difficult as manufacturers doesn’t have to properly document effects of their drugs in detail, internet is not often very trustworthy, books don’t often tell you the truth and public research results can be conflicting, misleading or incomplete.

For example, in psychiatric diagnoses the treatments are not often very useful and they can even treat you against you will indefinitely.

I watched a presentation of some CEO long ago. He told that after working extremely hard and after having some sort of mental breakdown, he rested in his home for 6 months after which he was better. The point was that he didn’t go to see a doctor and didn’t receive any money from insurance/public healthcare system.


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