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Wikipedia system is partly broken

June 2, 2017

I recently read current Wikipedia pages about berberine which is useful in improving insulin sensitivity. It is not a miracle drug but I know people who have become healthier after using berberine and I have used it by myself successfully without any side-effects.

Before there was long chapter about ability of berberine to improve insulin sensitivity and diabetic conditions and long list of references to related research. (

Now they have deleted any references to berberine’s ability to improve diabetic conditions. I tried to add them including references to related research but my edit was deleted by user:Alexbrn. (real name: Griffin Brown, lives in UK). 

I don’t know motivations of Griffin Brown but large scale manipulation from pharmaceutical industry may be a reason although there maybe more sinister reasons for his behaviour. It is then sad that also wikipedia has becoming equally untrustworthy as many forums that are full of misinformation.

Here is a research article published  in American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes journal about properties of berberine (


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