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Scientology and Psychiatry

June 3, 2017

Scientology has long opposed psychiatry. In their 1980s material they openly told their aim was “complete vaporization of psychiatry” (no reference available) and Thomas Szasz had ideas that psychiatric services should be private, meaning that those who don’t have money would not receive any psychiatric services.

Recently, on their CCHR video they indirectly hinted that dianetics was the solution to mental health problems. The quality of CCHR films have somewhat reduced. Interestingly, one Scientology opinion leader was heard to say that “mind can really be ill”.

The current status of Scientology activity related to psychiatry is unknown. However, one of their CCHR film has a psychologist talking in their film although Scientologists have opposed psychology too.

CCHR films has also quite many Nazi references probably due to fact that in Germany Scientology has been labeled as an extremist political movement. The number of Nazi references is alarming suggesting more extreme ideology is popular and the films seem to slowly brainwash people to nazism and otherwise try to mold people’s thinking (well-made propaganda) thought Hubbard fought in the World War 2 against Nazis.

On the other hand, The Master movie portrays Scientology as rather harmless organization. As an interesting coincident, soon after CCHR had published a video which talks about giving morphine to children (Age of Fear). Phillip Hoffman (the actor of Hubbard in the film) told first time in public he was an morphine addict??? (people thought it was a joke then – May 2013), about 6 months later he died to morphine overdose after having moved to another apartment away from his family and spouse. Hoffman acted in some Tom Cruise films. Tom Cruise supports Scientology.


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