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  • nothing or placebo (many conditions people have are completely normal part of life)
  • talking: self-help groups where people talk to other patients
  • Soteria house
  • Tornio system (Open Dialogue)
  • retreat center
  • hypnosis
  • vacation (time) [get a job]
  • walking in parks/nature, exercise, spa to relax, massage, yoga, meditation
  • change your job, lifestyle changes
  • listen music, make music
  • dancing
  • talk to friends or psychologists
  • priests to give spiritual support
  • nutritionist
  • consultants to solve people’s problems
  • personal trainer (physical fitness)
  • comedians etc to make people laugh
  • ex-patients: become an entrepreneur selling mental health advices to new patients (internet) (you cannot become a doctor but you can work as a consultant/priest/etc which can be enough): start a company called psychiatry but don’t hire a single doctor
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