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Medications I have used (My Story)

During the last 10 years I have been prescribed many medications (against my will) which has ruined my life and I have lost my job and finally diagnosed schizophrenic.

Initially I was Senior Analytic working with major banks and businesses but then I had lots of stress. The prolonged stress caused some problems leading to unwise series of emails to few CEOs (in a panic) and I decided go to see a doctor and get some rest/relax. I went to see a private doctor and complained something (very vaguely here and because of NDAs prevented me to go into details so I lied to him although I tried to be as honest as possible – I think this was one reason they started destroying me) he was about to send me to see private psychologist (which I would have seen using my own time and money) but changed his mind and then sent me to public healthcare psychiatrist and gave some (strong) medication to relax.

Primary medications that I have used since then:

  • Some extremely strong benzo which use caused breathing problems (by private doctor for mild stress) which led to insomnia
  • Seroquel (I used it for insomnia without hospitalization while working but psychiatrists diagnosis was mental health diagnosis which I ignored until they started to treat me against my will when I wanted to stop the medication)
  • high-dose diapam (they openly started to show how much they hated me)
  • Injection of unknown cocktail of (old) drugs that temporarily caused involuntary movement of hands
  • Temesta
  • Perphenazine (akathisia etc)
  • Zyprexa
  • Mirtazapine
  • Haldol
  • Clozaril
  • Abilify
  • Zyprexa

Couple of times I have received such a large amount of psychiatric medicine that I passed out in a psychiatric ward and regained conciousness the next day. (They just hated me I was completely calm as normal it usually doesn’t make to sense to fight against psychiatric system but wait until they let you out (although it can take years) and then escape from their sphere of influence).

While in a psychiatric ward a nurse directly told me to “cut my wrists open”.

They also did initially very detailed brain scan of me which didn’t show anything was wrong with me. Then years later they did another brain scan, this time showing brain damage from prolonged use of drugs, which they then interpreted as schizophrenia – and need for even more drugs.

I also worked full-time and changed even my workplace for something like 6 years despite psychiatric abuse (my only sick leaves were because of involuntary treatments in a psychiatric ward and I was always calm and non-psychotic – until they started using nastier drugs). Finally, after withdrawing latest drugs I was in such a bad shape that I lied in a bed for two months without doing anything (I didn’t want to go to see a doctor) and didn’t go to work for a one week and I was fired.

What I have found from personal experience that once they have done  psychiatric diagnosis they ruthlessly use it against you so it has been essential to go abroads or somewhere else away from hospitals when withdrawing so that you cannot get back into hospital. For example, when I withdrew Abilify (involuntary treatment) I travelled around Europe but could not get steady job anywhere and finally run out of money. Finally I was in Paris and got some food from charity and slept on the streets. However, I made a mistake and eventually returned to my home country (after 6 months) where I was again captured by police after a while (even thought I was completely stable – made mistake to contact few people who don’t like me and they called police) and the doctors just said I was schizophrenic and again injected Abilify into me even when there was zero evidence that I was psychotic.

Similarly, while living and working abroads (escaping from your home country). Things usually go well up to the point somebody somehow manages to get to know that you have used forced psychiatric medication. After this point they call psychiatrist and he can start treating you against your will. For example, when a man went to foreign hospital disoriented and confused after withdrawing many psychiatric drugs they did nothing and he was able to leave but when he went to a hospital while being stable and said that ge have used zyprexa before they called psychiatrist which send him to a psychiatric hospital.

Psychiatrists also live in their little fairy tale world because they don’t fix their practices to objective measurements. Once when I visited a treating psychiatrist after a working day they said again I was psychotic and put me into psychiatric ward for no other  reason but because I was not co-operative. There I managed not to take some stupid “placebo” pills (dangerous because then they could start injections and other punishments). After one month they then released me because the meds “had worked” and I was better although I was equally calm as when I was taken to the psychiatric ward. (So I actual withdrew my drugs while in a psychiatric ward and according to them I was then better). The system is just so broken and full of abuses it is unbelievable (psychiatrists abuse their powers and damage their patients, don’t want to improve patients and some patients don’t want to get better and work/get a job but just want use hospitals as a “hotels”).

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